Friday, May 28, 2004

It wasn't all that long ago that some really annoyed and, let's face it, probably really annoying, people were lamenting the "verbing of America." Standing in the shower today, I looked down at a jar of something that my fiancee's sister, who works in a swank spa in Woodstock, which we all know is the new Hamptons, had made for her. It contained oatmeal and various other household staples which, when brought together to form a paste, are believed by some to posess magically curative powers. It's called a "scrub." So here's my theory: All those New Economy types who grew rich using words like "impact" and, I shudder, "Zeitgeist" as verbs are now blowing money on such things as "scrubs" and "washes."

And while I'm at it, when exactly did it become cool to put an article before words like soup, beer, or wine? Mmmmm, that's a good soup. Ech!

[Full disclosure: Scroll down a bit and you'll see the name Shinseki as a verb, denoting being forced into retirement for speaking inconvenient truths.]

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