Friday, October 24, 2003

Jim Caviezel Struck by Lightning as He Plays Jesus
"I'm about a hundred feet away from them when I glance over and see smoke coming out of Caviezel's ears," says the film's producer." [This is where I heroically refrain from any comments about signs from God.]
-- BBC Online

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Bush's Choice
Does he stick with Us-vs.-Them Cold War ideologues Rumsfeld and Cheney, or does he wake up, acknowledge we live in a post-ideological era, and start paying attention to pragmatists like Powell and Rice? I guess it's obvious what I think. Nicholas Kristof turns from ANWR to slightly more pressing issues and frames the issue nicely (with a little Greek mythology, even).
-- NY Times Op-Ed
Elliot Smith Is Dead
I've watched fans mourn so many singers, musicians, actors. This is the first time I actually feel affected. Yes, it was a suicide.
-- MTV News
File Under Finally!: Oxygen masks for pets
Leave it to NPR to cut through the clutter.
-- All Things Considered
Urge to Merge
Jesse Kornbluth has written a typically knowing review of Kara Swisher's new book on the AOL Time Warner debacle. It's on bookreporter.com. As a former employee of the AOL bloc of that conglomerate, he knows of what he speaks. And, as another former AOL employee, so do I. Read it.
-- AOL Aims to Break Out of the Box (WSJ)
Elton's Journey to the End of the Night
Following in the steps of Celine (Dion that is), Elton John is bringing his costumes, his back catalogue and someone else's hair to Vegas for a three-year stint at Caesar's. "I cannot do this show anywhere else in the world except here," he said at a press conference. "It's back to costume changes and Velcro."
-- E!Online on Yahoo
Sex, Liza and...oh, crap just read it
David Gest alleges ex-wife Liza Minelli got drunk and hit him. "She started beating me with her hands about the head until I ran into the other room," he says. Gosh, I hope he was able to track down a decent plastic surgeon to fix any possible damage! He's suing her for $10 million.
-- NY Daily News

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Is Randy Moss the new Yogi Berra?
Here's Randy describing his razzle-dazzle lateral to Moe Williams in Sunday's win over the Broncos:
"A once-in-a-lifetime thing that happens every so often."
-- From USAToday.com.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Is Condoleeza Rice gay?
More relevantly, is there a man in America, besides former George editor -- and Kennedy tell-all typist -- Richard Blow, who cares? In any case, Blow thinks that by not running a week's worth of "Boondocks" The Washington Post is copping to some very personal info on Condi. Here's his item on TomPaine.com.

O'Reilly vs. Gross
Everybody knows that Bill O'Reilly is an obnoxious blowhard. So why didn't Terry Gross just sit back and let him prove it? For some silly reason -- smells like laziness -- she couldn't bring herself to give ol' B.O. the same collegial treatment she gave Al Franken a month earlier. NPR's ombudsman, who we can assume did NOT vote for 43 in 2000, agrees.

Listen to Gross's interview of Al Franken, then check out her session with Bill O'Reilly and note the difference in tone.

Here's an idea: Maybe, just maybe, Gross is on the Fox News payroll? If not she should be, and if I were Roger Ailes, I'd send her the finest fruit basket money can buy as a special thank-you for forever validating FNC's Raison d'Etre (that means Raisons for Etre, for all you non-French-speakers out there).

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Unrelated to anything topical, I recently read the script for a teen sex comedy called Off the Map (listed on Yahoo Movies as The Ugly Americans, but that has changed). Very funny stuff, brings out the inner 19-year-old. Movie tentatively scheduled for 2/20 release.

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