Sunday, May 09, 2004

Casting Call: Arab Male TV Viewers Needed
We are: A major international news agency seeking subjects and locale for exciting current events-themed photo shoot.
You are: Preferably mustachioed, non-white, and familiar with all television watching poses sanctioned under International Law. Must be willing to follow (polite) orders of photo director, also must be able to feign look of intense interest for long periods of time while videotaped Bush interview is on Pause. Non-arabs welcome, including Africans, however those deemed insufficiently "Muslim" in appearance (i.e., those fair of complection, or exhibiting traditional evidence of femininity) must be willing to don traditional Arab headdress to disguise ethnicity. Note: For the last time, people, paste your freaking resume in the BODY of the email. Do NOT attach it!

Mark-Kate and Ashley do their part for the war effort

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