Friday, January 16, 2004

Real Sex
Today’s Page Six leads with an unusual dilemma—whether or not the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has the right to fire radio host Sook-yin Lee for having real sex in John Cameron Mitchell’s upcoming movie, ‘Short Bus.’ If I ran the CBC, I certainly wouldn’t boot Lee from her spot as host of “Definitely Not the Opera” for such a thing.

That said, while boldface names line up to criticize the CBC for imposing its brand of morality on Lee, I’m not sure I want to impose my lack of morality on others. After all, this isn’t really about sex per se. It’s about whether or not producers of a show have any right to penalize off-duty behavior they find damaging to their show. What if she were getting canned for, say, supporting George W. Bush. Then where would Moby be?

At any rate, I’m glad it all worked out and I can’t wait till the DVD comes out—finally a good use for that zoom function!

-- 'Screen Sex and Day Job, Too' (New York Post)

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